Automation of the company UIS.ERP

(Launched September 2020)

Product functions

  • Management of order reserves and its states
  • Enterprise money management
  • Procurement management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Staff salary accounting
  • Analytical reporting

Other products

Metrix weighing system
Automation of volume and mass of parcels measurement – Metrix
TMS – transportation management system
Courier delivery management system TMS UIS
Transportation Management MAGISTRAL’
IT system for long-distance transportation management
Automation of the company UIS.ERP
IT system for the automation of the entire cycle of work
Post360 offices automation
Post office automation system
Conveyor sorting
Automatic conveyor system for sorting goods
Pick by light / Put to light
Automated sorting racks for warehouse with Pick by light and Put to light technologies
WMS UIS – warehouse management system
Automates and optimizes warehouse processes at the enterprise

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