UIS.Put to light

UIS.Put to light

Solution for online stores and logistics operators, which allows you to speed up the sorting of orders by 50%
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Payback from 6 months.

Payback from 6 months.

Rapid staff training

Rapid staff training

Easy scaling, installation and operation

Easy scaling, installation and operation

Integration with any software via API

Integration with any software via API

Ready integration with any equipment in the UIS ecosystem

Ready integration with any equipment in the UIS ecosystem

Possibility of customizing the design and functionality according to customer requirements

Possibility of customizing the design and functionality according to customer requirements

Video of work Put to light

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Product specifications

Modular solution
Industrial version
Sorting capacity up to 3 thousand units/hour
Use as a separate solution or in combination with conveyor equipment
Easy scaling
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This product is for you

If you want to get rid of things like:

Speed. Using Put to light in a warehouse speeds up sorting by 50%.


Reliability. As mentioned above, thanks to the use of the system, it is possible to avoid errors resulting from the influence of the human factor.


Comfort for employees. By the end of the day, employees are less tired because the system takes on some of the responsibilities.


Saving. When using the system, the need for personnel is reduced by 50%.

How it works

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What is UIS.Put to light
and how does this system work

Put to light system: concept, operating principle and advantages

Visual sorting is something that is not at all appropriate in the work processes of any modern enterprise. Optimizing resources, time and automating tasks that were previously performed manually is the path to scaling, growth and development. Innovative products can help with this: modern software or “smart” equipment. An example of such equipment is the Put to Light (PTL) system, which can be called a revolutionary solution in the field of logistics and inventory management.

What is the Put to light system and what is the principle of its operation?

Put to Light system is a set of technologies and equipment designed to simplify and speed up the processes of order picking in a warehouse. It is used in cases where it is necessary to process a large volume of goods with high accuracy and minimal time.

The system operates using light prompts, special LED indicators installed on the cells of the modular rack. The dimensions of the rack, the number and capacity of cells can be different, they are developed to suit the specifics of a particular business and taking into account the wishes of the customer.

The principle of operation of the system is simple. The worker responsible for sorting components approaches the rack, scans the barcode of the product and places it in the cell on which the indicator lights up.

Why is this system needed and its scope?

Enterprises need this system for a number of reasons.

  1. Working speed: sorting processes are accelerated by up to 50%.
  2. No errors in completed orders.
  3. Resource savings: both time and money, as fewer people can be assigned to sorting processes than before. This is a big savings on wages.
  4. Improving working conditions for workers: they do not need to store a lot of information in memory about the location of certain goods.

The system is supplied with additional infrastructure: scanners and barcode printers.

The scope of application of this equipment is quite wide, but the product has gained the greatest popularity in the following industries:

  • Logistics: especially warehouses of large logistics operators that sort hundreds of parcels daily;
  • e-commerce: online stores or brick-and-mortar stores that deliver products;
  • productions that make a specific product from scratch and use many different parts for this.

In addition, sorting racks have already begun to be actively used in pharmacology, banks, archives, that is, institutions where there are a large number of units of products, be it medicines or papers that need to be stored in order and be able to find the thing you need in a matter of minutes.

Advantages of the Put to light system from UIS

The list of products developed by our team of professionals includes the Put to light system. Compared to domestic and foreign competitors, our product has the following advantages:

  1. Price: it is ten times lower than foreign analogues.
  2. Complexity: the client receives a rack and all related infrastructure, including software.
  3. Customization: we adapt racks to any business needs.
  4. Gamification: it is possible to assign each employee his personal KPI.
  5. Integration with other systems, such as WMS, TMS, etc.

The Put to light system from UIS is successfully used by such companies as: “Varus”, “Nova Poshta”.

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