Transportation Management MAGISTRAL’

Complex solution for automation of a full cycle of long-haul transportation

Main functionality

  • Statuses and remains of goods in real time
  • Quality control of staff work
  • Automation of transit and offices
  • KPIs on the "ramp" and on the "warehouse territory"
  • Operational data on unsent cargo
  • Daily report on potential delivery delays
  • Preventing the "gap" places
  • Calculating the cost of transportation
  • Settlements with carriers
  • Packaging accounting

Business process UIS Magistral’

Group packing

  • Control of returnable containers
  • Various grouping scenarios (city, region, warehouse)
  • Seal control
  • Support for nesting group packages
  • Possibility to use TSD or PC

Loading a vehicle

  • Car loading plan
  • Places gap control
  • Fixation of the lost cargo
  • Fixation of loaded technological containers
  • Possibility to use TSD or PC

Unloading the vehicle

  • Seal control
  • Vehicle unloading plan
  • Fixation of damaged, lost and unidentified cargo
  • Fixation of unloaded technological containers
  • Possibility to use TSD or PC


  • Fixing the arrival and departure time of the vehicle
  • Seal control
  • The calculation of the cost of flight
  • Lost cargo handling

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Transportation Management MAGISTRAL’
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