TMS – transportation management system

Courier delivery management system TMS UIS is the complex solution for the delivery service automation, covering the entire cycle - from the moment of collection to the "last mile"

Functionality of the TMS UIS system

  • Collection handling
  • Primary processing of goods in stock
  • Sorting of goods by couriers
  • Delivery planning by zones
  • Delivery planning by the time windows
  • Cargo delivery control
  • Control of remains of goods, you have
  • Processing of returns
  • Processing of courier checkout and cash on delivery
  • Monitoring the workload of couriers
  • Support of registrars of banking operations

When to implement the system

  • Fines for delivery delays
  • It is necessary to reduce logistics costs
  • It is necessary to control the staff and movement of goods
  • It is necessary to eliminate the downtime
  • It is necessary to increase the couriers’ productivity
  • It is necessary to increase the loyalty of end customers

TMS UIS advantages

  • Full cycle – from collection to delivery
  • Reduce downtime to 0
  • Increased courier productivity up to + 30%
  • Delivery by time windows
  • Real-time control of courier and ramp remains
  • Ability to work with a lot of cities and service warehouses
  • Support for partial issuance of orders
  • The system is built on the Oracle
  • Highest resiliency
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Support for working with registrar of banking operations.
  • Built-in API

Cooperation options

Rent (SaaS)


  • Hosting on UIS servers in the Netherlands
  • Hosting on the customer's server
  • Configured standard processes
  • Full adaptation to customer processes
  • Instructions (standard processes described)
  • Instructions for customer processes
  • Backups for the last 7 days
  • Backups for the last 7 days
  • Minimum cash costs at the start
  • Profitable in the long term


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