Metrix weighing system

Metrix is a complex of automation of measuring the parcels’ volume and mass and is used to transmit the measured parameters to the receiving station

Functions of Metrix device

  • Fast and accurate measurement of cargo dimensions and weight
  • Determination of the actual volume or cubic capacity
  • Integration with any software
  • Cargo measurement in any direction
  • Simultaneous sizing and weighing of cargo
  • Safe sensor technology for operators and content


We have been automating logistic processes since 2013. 10+ proprietary products
30+ engineers with deep industry expertise Over 40 completed projects with a CSI level of 95%

Metrix advantages

  • Conveyor execution
  • Possibility of installation in continuation of a standard conveyor
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Possible round-the-clock work
  • High fault tolerance of work interfaces
  • Measurement accuracy + – 1 cm
  • Weighing accuracy + – 100 g
  • Bandwidth 30 units per minute
  • Maximum weight of the weighed object up to 80 kg
  • Belt width – 60 cm

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Metrix weighing system
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