Pick by light and Put to light systems

Automated sorting racks for a warehouse. Complex solution for automating the full cycle of picking orders with Pick-by-light and Put-to-light technologies

Product feature

  • High speed of order picking (800 units / hour)
  • Automatic processing of completed orders
  • Possibility of division orders for multiple streams
  • Control of order picking
  • Weighing and weight control of the order
  • Integration with courier services
  • Payback up to 10 months
  • Modular solution
  • KPI monitoring of employees and gamification
  • The possibility to fully customize the product according to the needs of the client

Processing process

Selection with Pick-by-light

The device displays the quantity of goods to be taken from the cell. There are four possible scenarios for confirmation of selection:

  • Automatic selection confirmation when used together with the picking rack
  • Manual selection confirmation on the device
  • Weight confirmation of selection
  • Confirmation of selection using RFID tags

Sorting with Put-to-light

The device serves for light indication of the sorting direction. There are three possible scenarios for sorting confirmation:

  • Manual confirmation of sorting on the device
  • Weight confirmation of sorting
  • Confirmation of sorting by RFID tag

Assembly processing

Completed orders are automatically removed from the sorting rack from any floor. Automatic division into several streams is possible, for example:

  • Packing flow and picking control
  • Additional order processing flow

Control of order

Specially designed workstations for quick execution of order control and printing of accompanying documents. The kit includes:

  • Scales
  • Checks and label printers
  • Minicomputer with installed packer software

Shipment with Radio PTL

To speed up sorting by courier services, or your own couriers, you can use the Radio Put-to-light technology. 30 hours of battery life allows for continuous sorting throughout the work shift. Several mounting options are possible:

  • With post cage fixing lugs
  • Magnetic mount to steel beams or other surfaces


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