WMS UIS – warehouse management system

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) automates and optimizes warehouse processes in an enterprise. It improves the accuracy up to 99.5%, reduces the number of staff required by 30%, increases the storage capacity by 10-15%

Product functions

  • Definition of warehouse topology
  • Planning and acceptance of goods
  • Product marking
  • Placement of goods in the warehouse
  • Replenishment of stock
  • Selection according to the established rules
  • Packing / repacking
  • Inner warehouse operations
  • Floating inventory (by product, cell)
  • Shipment of goods
  • Write-off of goods from the warehouse
  • Working with non-standard situations (misgrading, shortage, return, etc.)
  • Formation of reporting documents
  • Management and control of warehouse staff
  • Calculation of custody services cost

When to implement

  • Systematic shortage and misgrading
  • Late shipments of products with an expiration date
  • Penalties for supply failure
  • Lack of free space
  • Need of staff control and movement of goods


  • Rental option solution
  • Reduction of the required warehouse staff by 30%
  • Reducing acceptance / shipment time by 50%
  • Simple interface (teaching up to 1 hour)
  • TSD support and a special client for weak computers
  • Accuracy of shipment from 98%
  • Control over the movement of goods in real time
  • Stock remains and KPIs in real time
  • Payback system up to 1 year

Cooperation options

Rent (SaaS)


  • Hosting on UIS servers in the Netherlands
  • Hosting on the customer's server
  • Configured standard processes
  • Full adaptation to customer processes
  • Instructions (standard processes described)
  • Instructions for customer processes
  • Backups for the last 7 days
  • Backups for the last 7 days
  • Minimum cash costs at the start
  • Profitable in the long-term prospects

UIS.WMS business process

Acceptance of goods

  • Integration with an ERP system (plan – from ERP, fact – into ERP)
  • Working with the supplier’s barcode
  • Marking of goods while accepting them
  • Quality control
  • Cross-doc (including automatic order distribution)
  • TSD support
  • Working with consignments
  • Working with serial numbers
  • Plan-fact analysis
  • Control of staff work

Item placement

  • Automatic scheduling by weight and size characteristics / capacity
  • Zoning and temperature support
  • Possibility of manual planning
  • Possibility of working for several employees with one task
  • TSD support
  • Plan factor analysis

Replenishment and transfer

  • Automatic planning upon reaching the min point
  • Automatic planning on order
  • Possibility of manual planning
  • TSD support
  • Plan factor analysis
  • Control of staff work

Selection of goods

  • Possibility to plan picking by order, group of orders, car
  • Availability of pallet planning algorithms
  • Control of order selection
  • Sorting the selected goods by orders
  • Packing Lists
  • Order packing
  • Integration with courier services
  • TSD support
  • Control of staff work

Shipment of goods

  • The ability to ship products by goods, by orders, by pallets
  • Control of shipment of orders
  • Sorting the loading queue by order of delivery points
  • TSD support
  • Plan factor analysis
  • Control of staff work

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WMS UIS – warehouse management system
Automates and optimizes warehouse processes at the enterprise

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